Edith is passionate about teaching the Word.  After one seminar on teaching the faith, Edith went back to her village and began sharing what she learned.  She has visited over 12 villages, and planted more than 5 congregations.  In addition to her passion for growing the Kingdom, she also teaches practical skills like how to build fuel saving stoves and how to make handcrafts to generate an income.  She joyfully shows the love of Jesus through her actions.




Innovation and the Entrepreneurial Spirit!
Want to see an example of what can be done using discipline and creative thinking?  Margaret took 30,000 schillings ($11.50 USD) and purchased drums and animals.  With the drums she teaches faith through music and dance to the youth of her congregation.  The animals help generate income and she used the proceeds as capital to start a business in handcrafts; like making paper bead necklaces.  Thinking outside the box is critical to helping these women change their cycle of poverty and Margaret is paving the way!


Jane is the catalyst for women’s ministry and serves on the Board of Directors for the Lutheran Church Mission in Uganda (LCMU).  She passionately desires to impact the lives of women for a brighter and more self-sustained future of service to one another and the Church.  She runs her own shop in Masindi and her gift in leadership is key to the success of Women of the Pearl.



Role models can leave long-lasting impressions.  Violet has demonstrated strength, intelligence and a servant’s heart to hundreds of Ugandan women.  Joy emanates from her smile and compassion flows from her heart.  She acts not only as an advocate and translator, but also educates women in the areas of hygiene, nutrition and child care.  Her motivation comes from a desire to serve her Lord and a little from her obsession with chocolate!